This work and this text was originally made for a publication titled "Cha: What does Brownness mean?" curated by Remi Rana-Allen and Srinivas Surti

What To butcher is to separate a body into disparate parts for commercial ends. Or to treat something in such a manner as to spoil it. The Butcher’s Apron is a derogatory term for the Union Jack. The phrase, most common among the Irish republican movement, refers to the oppression experienced in colonies under the rule of the British Empire.

Like a butcher a river divides. And like the Butchers Apron the River Thames was a symbol of British rule. One of the main points from which the waves were ruled until the mid-20th Century.

Like present day UK PLC, The Thames possesses many different ecosystems. The various points in its meander mirroring the socio-economic divisions of the capital. As it widens closer to its confluence with the North Sea more material is dredged up by the tide and industry. A heavy mix of silt and water; reminiscent of the cultural melting pot that is London and the murkiness of national amnesia.

Cha: WHAT DOES BROWNNESS MEAN TO YOU?, UAL Postgraduate Community, November 2022